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At our company, we custom blow unique glass products for local and national customers at affordable prices. We promise you will be pleased with the high quality of our items, each one is made with great care and a strong attention to detail.

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All of my work is unique.  Many pieces have the same style but rarely are any two exactly alike.  I thrive on custom work, so please allow what you see to encourage an idea for a special piece of your own.  Most every color is available so the possibilities are endless.  Hand crafted old world style in Frederick, Maryland.

We can reapir almost anything from ash catchers, glass on glass joints, bubblers, to Roor's and PhX tubes.  In most cases almost anything is able to be repaired, and usually worth it compared to buying something new.  Repairs start at $60. Nothing like getting your old broken piece close to new again.  Contact to learn how to bring your favorite piece out of the dreadful "Glass Graveyeard" and back to life.  

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